This page will constantly be updated with questions we receive. If you have a question, please email stylish@GlassStraws.com.au

What are glass straws made from?

Our straws are made from Borosilicate glass, with the main ingredients being silica and boron oxide. Borosilicate glass was first developed by German glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 19th century and sold under the brand name “Duran” in 1893. After Corning Glass Works introduced Pyrex® in 1915, the name became a synonym for borosilicate glass.

Borosiliate glass is reknowned for it’s extreme hot and cold durability, it also contains no lead. The glass we use is the commercially strongest available on the market and is the same as your glass bakewear and Pyrex®.

Can they be used for hot and cold drink?

Absolutely! They are great for hot and cold drinks, this includes boiling water.

What sizes are the straws?

Cocktail/sipper straw 7mm wide and 15cm high

Regular multi-pupose straw 9.5mm wide and 20cm high

Thickshake/smoothie straw is 12mm wide and 20cm high


When will I receive?

For Australian orders – Orders are sent out either Thursday or Friday.

International orders – Please contact us at stylish@GlassStraws.com.au and we will advise.

How do I keep my straws clean?

Rinse straight after use and/or wash in warm soapy water -it’s that simple. They are also dishwasher safe.

My straw has gone cloudy what do I do?

No problemo! Just soak in white vinegar and water and it will return back to it’s brilliant shine.

Where can I store my straws?

We highly recommend putting them in cup or jar, because they may get chipped by other items in your cutlery drawer. Besides how else can you discreetly (and proudly) show them off 🙂 Create your own beautiful vase of glass straws and put them on the window sill to catch the light. Alternatively, you could store them in a seperate compartment in your cutlery drawer.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we! Contact us at Stylish@GlassStraws.com.au