I’m an eco-conscious Mum to a gorgeous little Princess who still loves all things glam. Can you feel me?
Healthy, Soul-filled and Spiritual does not have to equal b.o.r.i.n.g.

I went from a junk filled, sugar laden, carbaholic, carnivore to a Mostly Vegan, Raw, Sugar free and Wheat free lifestyle. Now although I eat a simple and wholesome diet, I do still enjoy sexy & stylish ways to enjoy my food.

From the moment I first discovered glass straws – I was hooked! I think I have raved about them to everybody who has visited me with the oohs and aah of aren’t they beautiful? How smooth does it go down? How much better does it taste lol My 7 year old says ‘Mum it feels like I am drinking from a spa chair’ The child has great taste what can I say

If you’re new to juicing, one of the most simple green juice recipes is Cos Lettuce, Kale (or Silverbeet), Lemon, Green Apple, Cucumber or Celery, put through the juicer and enjoy the instant energy boost you get! Or just have fun experimenting with your favourite combination of greens.

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