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Glass Drinking Straws Goodbye 2013

2013 has been a massive year for me personally as well as for glass straws. It’s a great time to take stock of what’s been fantastic and what hasn’t lived up to your expectations.

I am personally taking the time out to forward plan, and conduct a closing ceremony to say goodbye to 2013 officially, rather than just willing it away quietly. (let me know if you need some help with this).

Throughout the rollercoaster that was 2013, what did you learn?

I learned about the power of following my passion and using that to spread the message.

Gorgeous one, delve deeper and ask yourself.

What do I want more of in 2014?

What’s my big picture?

Where do I want to be this time next year?

What have I been ‘settling’ for?

It’s also a great idea to do a round up of achievements and what’s in store for next year.

Some of my highlights are:

  • Watching Glass Straws organically grow
  • Retailers finding me and wanting to stock my product
  • Being on Live TV and sharing my straws with celebrities
  • Having a crystal clear vision of where I’m steering Glass Straws
  • Introducing colored straws Jan 8th (pre-order 1st January 2014)

Some lows:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with so many idea and not having the time to implement
  • Trying to balance being a Mum, Housewife & Entrepeneur
  • Missing out on quality time with Little Miss Princess because of said work overload

What you can expect from me + Glass Straws Co this year:

  • More colours, styles, designs
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Special offers
  • Great blog articles on health, wellness, eco-living & my journey
  • Spotlight on you Sexy Sippers out there.

I’d love to hear what is going to change for you this year.

Be sure to share at least one high + one low below.

In Health, Style & Love 

P.S Every day over 500 million plastic straws are thrown away. Don’t contribute to this epidemic! You can easily do your part to keep our planet clean by using Glass Straws.


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