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Looking to add extra stamina and function to your lifestyle? Consider adding some Maca root to your morning shake. Maca has been shown to increase energy, stamina and endurance.

Maca is a root that grows in the Peruvian mountains, and is the highest altitude growing plant in the world.

A root vegetable that looks like a radish and is related to the potato, Maca is considered a complete protein that provides essential amino acids, calcium, iron, and a variety of other vitamins and minerals. For people that live in the high altitude of the Andes, Maca is the main basis of their diet.

Traditionally used to make medicine, today Maca is used for many reasons and has been shown to have substantial benefits. Maca is considered a super food and an “adaptogen”, which means it normalizes the body, and helps it defend against weakening.

When used as a general supplement, Maca has many uses.

Maca affects the endocrine system and can regulate hormones. Women have found that maca can relieve the symptoms of PMS and menopause, while men have used it to enhance fertility and sexual function.

Maca has many more benefits.

Maca may also enhance fertility, ease the symptoms of migraine headaches and depression and increase fertility, among other positives.

The taste of Maca is…. well, not heavenly. Most people eat Maca for its health benefits, not the taste. There are primarily two ways of adding Maca to your diet.

You can take supplement capsules of 600 milligrams each a couple times a day (or more, as it is very safe). An excellent way to take Maca is in powdered form, which is also very effective.

A teaspoon mixed into a smoothie or yogurt or cold drink is an easy way to get your daily boost. Maca can also be added to cooked food, but as with other vitamins and supplements heat may reduce some of the nutrients. Some folks add Maca powder to desserts like brownies, as it mixes well with chocolate.

There are so many websites, including the one below which offer tonnes of recipes for different ways to use Maca in smoothies and baked foods.

The bottom line is that Maca is a nutritionally loaded Superfood that provides many health and psychological benefits when regularly incorporated into the diet. I highly recommend that you give Maca a try and see the results for yourself!

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