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Raw food diet seems to be a major buzzword these days.  Is it just another crazy fad that will eventually fade away? Or, is there more to it?  Many who embark on a raw whole food diet, or at least increase their raw food intake, see and feel the profound effects almost immediately.  Increasing organic […]

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Looking to add extra stamina and function to your lifestyle? Consider adding some Maca root to your morning shake. Maca has been shown to increase energy, stamina and endurance. Maca is a root that grows in the Peruvian mountains, and is the highest altitude growing plant in the world. A root vegetable that looks like […]

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Green juices and green smoothies, filled with green veggies, often vitamin and mineral filled, rich in amino acids and proteins, are well-known to be oh-so good for us. As a health-conscious person who eats a super green diet, I know that raw blended raw smoothies and fresh juices are also much easier to metabolize and […]

The Hangover


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As I write this post on Tuesday, it has taken me two days to get my brain cells functioning again after the weekend. Yes I know that I talk about healthy, clean food alot. But this just re-affirms how far from perfect I am. I had my Niece’s pre-wedding party. So you can imagine there […]