Be Selfless by Pampering Yourself


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In this crazy fast-paced world, it’s important to take some time out of each day to pamper yourself, even if it’s just 15 minutes.  If you run around taking care of everybody else and never take some time out for yourself, you’ll eventually break down and won’t be able to take care of anyone!

Think about your car.  You can’t just gas up your car and expect it to go.  It will go for a certain amount of time, but without checking the fluids and getting regular tune-ups, eventually it will break down and so will your body, mind, and spirit.  Not taking time for yourself can leave you feeling fatigued, low energy, full of anxiety, stressed, unable to think clearly, and is the fast track to getting the latest virus that’s going around.

By taking time for self-care, you allow yourself time to heal and regenerate, so that you can be at peak performance and on your top game.  Find something that fits within your schedule and your personal tastes.  It could be a nice warm bubble path scented with your favorite essential oils, rising early to do some yoga asanas, taking a walk through a nice wooded area, doing a facial, getting a massage, or any activity you enjoy.

While you may find it hard to carve out time, think about it as preventative maintenance, because if you don’t take the time now, you will have to take more time later, when you end up sick.  Reevaluate your priorities and realize that personal care time is at the top of the list!  Also, don’t feel guilty about taking “me time”, because you’re doing this for everybody else, just as much as you are doing it for yourself.

When you take this holistic approach to personal care, you will reap the benefits.  You will find yourself refreshed and renewed, ready to tackle any challenge.

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