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End Of Year Roundup


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2013 has been a massive year for me personally as well as for glass straws. It’s a great time to take stock of what’s been fantastic and what hasn’t lived up to your expectations. I am personally taking the time out to forward plan, and conduct a closing ceremony to say goodbye to 2013 officially, […]

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Every year on January 3rd, Americans celebrate National Drinking Straw Day. Now you may think that this is another one of those ‘fun’ name days, but in this case, that’s not true. Marvin Stone lodged the first patent for his waxed paper straws on January 3rd 1888. The drinking straw as we know it is […]

The Hangover


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As I write this post on Tuesday, it has taken me two days to get my brain cells functioning again after the weekend. Yes I know that I talk about healthy, clean food alot. But this just re-affirms how far from perfect I am. I had my Niece’s pre-wedding party. So you can imagine there […]

Spring Into Season


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High on my list of priorities, is self-care. This takes place in many forms for me, from juicing, to shopping, to sitting under the shade of a tree on a glorious summer day. As you know, things have been movin-and-a-shakin around here, so now more than ever is a crucial time to ensure this machine […]